Driving Improvement Program helps protecting the fleet employees and cutting costs related to crashes.

The relevance and flexibility of the DIP makes it a cost-effective option for both large and small fleets.

This course involves classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel driving. Classroom instruction includes subjects such as:

  • Technique of safe driving due to the vehicle’s characteristic,
  • Manners of proper reactions in lethal situations,
  • Recognising and avoiding road hazards

Behind-the-wheel driving includes manueovres on skidpads, training yard and  the track:

  • Behind-the-steering wheel position and its influence on safety,
  • Steering wheel maneoevres,
  • The recognition of oneself’s and vehicle’s skills,
  • Decrease in bad habits on the road,
  • Proper reactions in extreme situations,
  • Increase of safety while driving,
  • Satisfy regulatory or other compliance issues for training your drivers

It is possibility to customize the course to meet your specific corporate needs. For more information, contact us:

tel. 512 014 934
e-mail: odtj.szkolenia@autodrompomorze.pl